Masqueunacasa is a web based platform about collective processes for housing projects. Its goal is to offer tools that enable participation and self management in the construction of our homes and environment.

It is an online tool that shows and frames the debate about alternatives to the housing model that currently dominates the market, offering experiences that have already been carried out and consultation guides that can help us construct a more cooperative and sustainable habitat.

MQ1C sets out with the following GOALS, help us out!

To generate, in a collaborative way, theoretical guides to proposals and alternative organizational and development models of collective housing projects, under the principles of collaboration and non-speculation.

To, through teamwork, give shape to a data base of collective experiences that have already been carried out, in order to learn about alternative ways of building homes and coexistence.

To serve as a local level platform that spreads knowledge and as a search tool for participants in new housing initiatives.

To provide a local level tool that connects people who want to develop alternative housing models with organizations and groups that can advise them.


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